Creation Band

Creation Band
Reggae Music Show Band



CREATION is a group of tallented musicians devoted to the styles of Reggae music who play together for all sorts of events and musical venues.








Creation Band members include:

Stanton "Israel Powerhouse" Heaven - Lead Vocals
Vocally, the band is being led by Israel Powerhouse, truly in possession of a special gift that is always a treat for the audience.

Israel has the uncanny ability to vocally model the voice of Gregory Isaac, Dennis Brown and Bob Marley.

Katsumi Asazawa - Guitar
Born on a farm in California's SaNaJuaquin Valley, Katsumi's early musical influances were of itinerant African-Americanfiled hands and the haunting melodies of the Braceros.

He started playing guitar in his early teens and frequently drew on a fake mustache so he coule sneak into local jazz and blues clubs. After a tour with the Peace Corp in Canada, he moved to the Bay Area in 1973. In 1970 he toured Europe with Sam Myers and his Mississippi Delta Blues Band. After returning, he joind the reggae/calypso band Contabantiempo. He release a CD with his band Global Echo in 1997. After studying jazz guitar with Greg Cooper, the two of them formed a duo called Stolen Moments.

For several years now, Katsumi has been jamming with Creation Band and is reponsible for most of our guitar work.

Enroy "Tenor" Grant - Second Voice
His voice was so closely associated with his tenor saxophone that his nickname became "Tenor." As Creation Band's senior elder, he contributes the authentic rootical experience he acquired working with the Reggae greats including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown, and Lee Scratch Perry.

His greatest personal impact on the history of Reggae is as a founding member of Jamaican hit-maker Soul Syndicate.

Ethan Bixby - Trumpet, Guitar
An indispensable element of Reggae talent as the Trumpet player for Creation Band. We are fortunate to have Ethan in the band as he can amaze and delight even his bandmates with smooth and soulful notes on the trumpet along with wild guitar licks.

Clinton Penn - Drummer
The drummer with no shame! Clinton has performed with Carlos Santana... A Virgin Island native and Cousin of Don Penn (hit song "No No No"). The founder of Creation Band and the backbone of the group that holds it all together.

A tarlton barrett-style drummer certain to satisfy even the most devoted Reggae purist...




Creation Band has performed at nightclubs, dance halls, major concert venues and small...

We've played at many of them regularly for over a decade... all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area and California.

We have even toured in Jamaica and the Caribean where Reggae is as much of a way of life as it is an entertainment style... we know Reaggae style!






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